Serenity of Life - Absolution

Liner Notes

1) Hymn to Absolution
     featuring Meegan Jesse
2) Passage**
3) Sun Down On Me*
      featuring Shari Wilson
4) Struggle to Victory**
5) Mother's Dream*
      featuring Shari Wilson
6) Ordinary Day**
      featuring Shari Wilson
7) Replenish*
      featuring Shari Wilson
8) Prelude to Midnight**
9) Abstraction**
10) Lifted Up*
11) Desert Journey**
12) Sun Down On Me (Radio Mix)* **
All songs written, produced, and performed by Serenity of Life
Flute Solos by Christy Linn
All tracks recorded at Perfection Audio Studios
* Mixed at Sonalysts, Waterford, CT
** Mixed at Perfection Audio Studios, Havertown, PA

Mixing Engineer at Sonalysts - John Duvas
Mastered by Peter Humphreys at Masterwork Recording