Serenity of Life - Absolution

Placid vocals collide with ethereal instrumentation to settle listeners into a meditative mood. The delicately placed Latin phrasing over several layers of comforting textures inspire a steady stream of peacefulness and soothing sentiment. In a society that moves at lightening speed, the gently tempered arrangements and calming chants encompass the perfect soundtrack for introspective centering. The concept is Serenity of Life, a project under the direction of composers and producers Al DiGirolamo III and Matthew A. Haas, who took time out from life’s daily stresses for a reflective breather.

"Our songs speak of a place of peace and tranquility, but they also sing with a wisdom that knows that serenity sometimes comes at a price. A price that is worth enduring and sometimes that has to be fought for. We hope these songs take you on a journey to a new place faraway, or even a place within - a place of peace - life's sweet serenity." - Serenity of Life

DiGirolamo is a one-time Philadelphia Boys Choir member turned studio wiz (whose credits include Boyz II Men, Gerald Levert and Patti LaBelle’s gold selling album Gems), first penned the luminous “Struggle For Victory.” The piece became the first in the evolutionary process towards the full-length CD Absolution, featuring soloists Meegan Jesse and Shari Wilson. “We wanted to create something that could help others shake off all the distractions of the world around them and then share that peace with others." - Serenity of Life

Thus far that combination has already resonated with music lovers around the world, having sold in over 15 countries.

"The response has been significant and we’re hearing wonderful feedback from all across the world. We hope this CD will ignite a peaceful and uplifting feeling to all those that come across its path.”